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6 Common Hair Challenges and How To Overcome Them

We all have challenges with our hair. I bet you are think "My hair is so (fill in the blank). Why am I the only one that has this problem?". I would venture to say you really aren't the only one!

Today I am going to de bunk the myth that you are the only one that struggles with this.

1. "My hair is so frizzy!"

This is absolutely the most common challenge I hear in the salon. And no doubt the Florida Humidity has something to do with that! So in this state were humidity will be a problem almost every single day, How do we fix frizzy hair?

Hair is frizzy because of one thing! Lack of moisture. To over come frizziness try conditioning treatments, humidity resistant styling products, Cool button on your hair drier, styling irons, and if all else fails use lots of hair spray.

2. "My hair is so fine I can't have layers!"

There is some truth to this. However If layers are done properly they will add body to the hair giving it more lift and movement. To over come this I would add a few interior layers and texturizing to remove some of the weight and give you lift. At home you can use a light moose to give you volume.

3. "I have to wash my hair every single day or it will be grease!"

This is a tough one to get away from. It's a perpetual cycle. The more you wash your hair the more oils your scalp produces but you feel you have to wash the hair because it is so oily!

Dry shampoo should be your best friend! You may also need to evaluate the type of hair products you are using because they could be causing your scalp to over produce oil.

4. "I want white blonde but if the stylist puts ash on it the blonde looks too dark!"

If I had a dime for every time this has happened in the salon. Ash color does not reflect light.

I know that is shocking right!! Only golden colors reflect light. Asking your hair stylist for ash blonde will not give you a blonde look. It will result in a dull silver tone and if you want bright blonde that won't do it for you. To over come this let your stylist do the magic and trust her process.

5. "My hair is so Dry nothing will fix it"

Hair becomes dry as a result of over washing, over processing, and over using heat. To over come this use a conditioning Treatment regularly. Also us less heat when styling. If you do style regularly make sure you are using heat protection and low heat setting on your heating tools.

I still swear by viviscal! Viviscal is a vitamin that will help your hair regrow. If you need more help in the hair loss department click here to see my blog post about how to reveres thinning hair.

If you have ever struggled with any of these or are currently struggling with any or all of them, trust me you are not alone!

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