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Extensions are the fastest trending service in the salon today. We specialize in Natural Beaded Row Extensions. We are certified in the JZ Styles and Harper Ellis Methods. 

All extension appointments require an Extension Consultation prior to the installing for new guests.  

During the Extension Consultation appointment we will discuss your hair goals and decide what Extension method and type would be best for you based on your lifestyle, the type of hair you have, as well as what you would like to achieve with Extensions.  

We will also discuss the proper at home maintenance as well as the in salon maintenance. Pricing will be included in the consultation. Before you leave the appointment a deposit will be required to order the hair. 

Extensions are completely customizable to fit any need. They are most commonly used to add length, add volume and thickness, and even fill in the thinner areas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Extensions last?      

 Extensions can last 6-8 months depending on how well you take take of them. 

What kind of hair are the Extensions made out of?

Extensions are ethically sourced human hair 

How do I maintain the Extensions at home?

You will receive a document that explains step by step how to properly care for your Extensions at home

Can I swim in my Extensions?

Yes you can swim in the pool or at the beach with your extensions. Proper care after swimming will be explained in the maintenance guide you receive at your appointment. 

Can I blow dry, flat iron, and curl my Extensions?

The Extensions are made of human hair and can be shampooed and styled like your natural hair. 

Can the Extensions be colored to match my hair?

The extensions will be ordered to match your hair as closely as possible but may require additional color. Coloring must only be done by the stylist that installs them. 

Can my hair be colored with the extensions in?

The hair around the Extensions can be colored while the Extensions are installed.

Will I be able to feel the Extensions?

After the install and move ups you

may feel tightness for the first week. After the first week they will begin to loosen and feel much more natural. 

Extension Pricing

Pricing varies depending on your hair goals. The prices can also be customized base on the amount of Extensions needed as well as color customization. Each package includes custom blending extension cut, a goodie bag of 4 Recommended products for you to maintain your Extensions 

"The Volume" $130 - This includes 1 row of Extensions and up to 4 Wefts. This is perfect for the guest that is looking for thicker, fuller hair. 

"The Length" $180- This includes 2 rows of Extensions and up to 8 Wefts. This is perfect for the guest that is looking for length and thickness. 

"The Show Stopper"$230- This includes 3 rows of Extensions and up to 12 Wefts. This is perfect for the guest that is looking for thickest, fullest, and longest hair.

The Package Price does not include the cost of the Extensions. 

Custom Coloring is $20 per Weft 

Mini Rows are $35 for installation

Tape in Extensions are $6 per sandwich


Move ups are $65 per row

 $35 per mini row  

Removal is $40. 

There is no removal charge for move up appointments. 

Caring For Your Extensions


Your extensions will need to be moved up every 4-8 weeks. This will depend on how fast your natural hair grows as well as how often you need your hair colored. Removal of extensions MUST be done by your certified stylist and not at home! Removal of extensions by some one other than your certified stylist may cause damage to your natural hair as well as the extensions making them unusable or breaking your natural hair so they can not be re-installed. 


Product Recommendations 

Hair extensions are human hair but since they are not attached to a follicle they do not receive the nutrients and oils that natural hair does. This means they need to be cared for with specific products. 


Shampoos and conditioners MUST be sulfate free and paraben free. I suggest Loma Nourishing or Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Extensions should not be washed daily. I suggest Loma Dry Shampoo for in between shampooing. If you do not want to use Loma Dry Shampoo avoid dry shampoo with alcohol as this will dry out the extensions as well as your natural hair. Only apply dry shampoo to natural hair and avoid extensions when possible. 


Heat protection is a MUST have for extensions. Repeated heat damage to the extensions will destroy them and they will need replaced. I suggest Loma Calming Creme. 


If the extensions feel dry during the day you may need to apply oil to keep them nourished. If they extensions become too dry this will cause tangling, matting, and breakage. I suggest Loma Nourishing Oil. 

Avoid any oils that are dark and may cause color changes to the extensions. 


As the extensions age you will need a leave in conditioner to keep them from tangling. This will help them brush out easier after shampooing. 


A wet brush is the only brush that should be used on your extensions to keep them from tangling when dry as well as when wet. 


Scrunchies are best for tying the hair back and preventing breakage. 


You may also consider investing in a silk pillow case to prevent damage while sleeping. 

Do NOT use sunscreen with Avobenzone in it. This will cause blonde extensions to turn peach in color and will have to be replaced. 



When shampooing the hair, wet the hair completely and apply shampoo as regular. Massage shampoo into scalp to remove dirt an oils but do not overly scrub to prevent matting or slipping of the beads. 

Rinse the hair extremely well and apply recommended conditioner allowing it to sit on the extensions 2-3 minutes when they are new and longer as they age. 


Do NOT wash your hair upside down. 

Make sure to rinse twice as long! 

Pro tip: you may want to leave a wet brush in your shower to use while you have conditioner on your hair. 


Towel dry hair using a t-shirt or towel but do NOT flip your head over and wrap the hair. 


Brushing and Styling

When brushing the hair wet, spray in a leave in conditioner. Hold the extensions as you brush from the ends working your way up to the scalp. 

As you brush closer to the scalp be careful not to brush the beads that attach the extensions. 


Before styling or blowdrying the hair apply recommended heat protection product and allow it to dry for 2-3 hours (almost completely)

If you are in a hurry towel dry as much as possible and then dry the band/weft of the extensions using the low heat setting on your blow drier. This needs to be completely dry to prevent mold or mildew. 

Do NOT blow dry the hair upside down. 


When using hot tools use on a low setting around 350 degrees. 

If you use hair spray make sure it does not have alcohol in it!


Brush your hair at least two times daily. 

Apply oil to the ends only at least twice a day after brushing. 

Only use recommended WETBRUSH



Before swimming wet the hair completely and apply generous amount of conditioner to the ends. Then wrap the hair in a tight bun to keep it from soaking up as much water and prevent tangling or matting. 

After swimming in the pool or at the beach be sure to rinse the hair completely and spray with leave in conditioner until you can shampoo it correctly. 


Do NOT leave the hair unwashed for more that 4 hours after going swimming!



When sleeping braid the hair using a scrunchy to secure the hair. 

I recommend having a silk pillow case to prevent breakage. 


Do NOT go to sleep with wet hair! 

Coloring and Chemicals 

Extensions must NOT be chemically altered by any one! 

Toning services or coloring using Demi permanent color only must be done by your Certified Stylist ONLY. If any changes are made to the extensions by a stylist outside of Paige Leah Styles LLC studio the extensions will NOT be guaranteed and your agreement will be VOID. 

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