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Changing Your Hair For Fall

I know in Florida it can seem like we don't have much change in season. However there is a handful of us that still love to sip our pumpkin flavored coffee or teas, dress in boots, visit pumpkin patches, and change our hair color to pretend like we actually have a fall season.

You are doing the preach hands right now because that totally described you, right?

It never ceases to amaze me how many people like to take their hair a little darker for fall.

And that is why I want to share with you a few secretes about changing your hair for the fall season.

Tip #1 Don't go too much different than your regular hair color.

Often times guest will come in with a picture that is drastically different than what they usually have. The down side to this is that when fall is over and you are ready to go back to the hair you had before it will be super difficult and possibly damaging.

Tip #2 Changing the tone can make a huge difference.

For example if your hair is usually icy blonde maybe just try a warm toned blonde for the fall.

Tip #3 Add Subtle dimension

This would be adding a few lowlights that are just a few shades darker than what you currently have or even making them a warmer tone like caramel.

Tip #4 Be prepared to wear the color for a few months.

It is not easy to go back to super blonde if your hair is much darker than usual. If you tend to like your hair the icy blonde and know that you will get tired of anything other than that I recommend just keeping your blonde and not changing it for the fall. By committing to the Fall color for a couple of months you will have less damage to your hair.

Tip #5 Trust your stylist

If your stylist makes a recommendation for a fall color it may be worth it to try something new. If they recommend not going too dark trust them because they know the process of removal if you don't like it

Check out our Pinterest board if you need a little fall hair inspiration!

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