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41 Holiday Gift Ideas

If you are new around here you may not know that I love gift giving! If you have been around a while you know just how much I love this time of year. Years ago I read a book called "The Five Love Languages". At the time I could not figure out what love languages I am. It took me all these years to figure it out. Gifts...... Duh! The book says that you usually show love in the way that you receive love. That is why I love giving gifts.

The holidays can be super hectic for most of us. That is why each year I start as early as possible collecting gift ideas and ordering all of my gifts. This year all of my gifts were wrapped and under the tree by November 24th. Now I can sit back and enjoy the holiday rush with out feeling overwhelmed with to do lists.

In the salon guest ask me daily for gift ideas. So I wanted to share a few of the gift ideas I have from this year.

Gift Ideas

1. Bluetooth earbuds. Depending on your budget you can get Apple brand or an Off Brand. I personally have an off brand and they work perfect for what I need.

2. Coffee. Almost every one drinks coffee and you can find coffee in tons of different flavors. This is one of my go to simple gifts.

3. Coffee Accessories. Anything coffee related for example cute coffee mugs, flavored syrups that you add to coffee, and coffee travel mugs.

4. Throw Blankets. These are one size fits all and there are so many options! My favorite place to look is Marshals.

5. Self Care. I always love to give the gift of self care. Collagen Eye patches, Sheet masks, Hand made soaps, Sugar Scrubs, Lotions, Gift Card for massage or facials, Warm neck wraps, Feet massagers, the list goes on and on.

6. Hair Care. Wet brushes are my favorite to give, scrunchies, hair clips, deep conditioning masks, fun temporary colors for kids, hair turban towels, satin or silk pillow cases, styling tools (blow dries, curling irons, wavers, flat irons, etc.), and little travel size products.

7. Candles. Unless you are shopping for some one that is sensitive to smells candles are always a great option.

8. Smart watches. My favorite is my Apple Watch but there are plenty of other brands that are just as good.

9. Massage guns. If you know of any one into fitness and nutrition they would probably love a massage gun. They can be found pretty much any where now days. They can range from $29-$200+

10. Tea Bottles and Teas. Tea has become very popular lately and it makes the perfect gift for any one that loves tea. You can find bottles that steep tea on the go and gift the tea to go with it.

11. Cocktail mixing kits. These are super cute and kind of date night themed for a couple.

12. Candle making kits for craft lovers.

13. Essential Oil diffusers. These are also very popular this year. And you can gift a little Essential oils kit with it.

14. Games. This year we gifted the game "Relative Insanity" similar to cards of humanity but a more PG version.

15. Fondue Kits for a family gift. You can add chocolate and some dippers that keep well like cookies.

16. Positivity Cards. This is my personal favorite. I love to spread positivity as much as possible and I found these cards that you can slip into cards that you send away or in your spouses wallet, or leave them at the table after you have eaten at a restaurant. When you tear the top open there are little messages of positivity found inside. You can find them on amazon. They are a perfect way to spread some light in the world.

So there you have it. These are just a few ideas and I hope that you find inspiration in at least one of them!

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