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Why Is Your Hair Color Fading

We all know in Florida that color fades quickly! Have you ever wondered "Why does my hair color fade so freaking fast?" ? There are many contributors to this problem and today I want to educate you on what they are so you can prevent them from happening to you any longer!

How To Stop Your Color From Fading So Fast

1. Stay out of the Sun.

I know what you are thinking, "that is super obvious" right! The sun is the biggest factor in color fading. The sun can make your hair yellow if you are blonde and it can make it red if you are a brunette. The best way to avoid sun exposure to hair is wearing a hat when you are outside playing golf, at the beach, in the pool, kayaking, running, walking, fishing, and any other actives you do outside daily.

2. The Water in your home.

Florida water can be very harsh on your hair because of how close we are to the water line.

We don't have to dig very far to get water and the water has to be treated with a ton of chlorine if you have city water in your home. Well water can also wreak havoc on your hair turning it red and yellow looking. To prevent this you may need to instal a water softener or filters of some kind. Your hair and skin will thank you!

3. Shampoo and Conditioner!

This is really the only thing that you have the most control over. Shampoo and Conditioner affect the hair more than you may realize. When choosing these products you should be using Sulfate Free and Silicon Free. I know you have most likely heard that said before. Let me explain why this is so important.

Sulfates are a cleansing agent and are using in many shampoos to remove oil and dirt from the hair. Some shampoos use the same sulfates that are used in dish soap, laundry detergent, including the soap you wash your car with. If you washed your hair with laundry detergent can you imagine what that would do to your hair color?

Sulfates open the cuticle of the hair allowing the color to slip right out. This means that every time you shampoo your hair you are washing your color right down the drain!

Did you know that silicon in hair products create a build up of essentially plastic. This creates a coating on the hair. This can effect the way the color works on the hair. If you have highlights the bleach has to burn through the plastic and causes the hair to melt. This creates damage that is unrepairable.

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