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Tip or Not Tip My Beauty Professional?

I wanted to address this question because I get it all the time! And you have probably wondered your self at some point. Should I be tipping my nail tech, hair stylist, esthetician, lash tech, etc?

Honestly this is a divided topic in my industry and I want you to know my opinion incase you visit my salon.

The argument is that as hairstylist the industry wants to be seen as professionals, like doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc. Well I don't know about you but I have NEVER left gratuity for my doctor, dentist, or lawyer.

My argument is, although we are professionals and should be treated as such. We are also Creatives. Being a hairstylist, barber, makeup artist, nail tech, or any other beauty professional is also being an artist. Last time I checked doctors and lawyers don't have to get too creative when it comes to service. So I do believe that we are classified differently.

However I also think that gratuity should never be expected! Gratuity is simply what it implies. If you can't afford gratuity that is okay! If you don't feel you should have to give gratuity that is okay! You should never leave the salon feeling guilty that you can't or don't want to pay more than the price you expected to.

One common misconception is that beauty professionals who are owners of a salon or business should not be left gratuity because they "make more money" than the other stylist. If you have never ran a business you don't realize the expenses that it entails. In fact in most cases the business owner makes significantly less than the other beauty professionals in their establishment. At the end of the day the stylist is still performing a service that requires extensive knowledge on chemistry and esthetics regardless of whether they are an owner or not.

In conclusion the answer is yes and no. Not every stylist is priced correctly meaning the gratuity they are left contributes to a lot of their income, almost like a waitress or bar tender.

However a truly successful stylist will not be upset or sad because you didn't leave gratuity.

But keep in mind that you are paying for an art. Your hair, your nails, your lashes, are all a piece of art that every one is seeing. Your hairstylist is creating color that will compliment your skin tone and eye color while taking into consideration the different variables of your hair. They are creating a haircut that looks best with the features of your face all while keeping in mind your personality and lifestyle to make sure the style compliments you in each area of your life. They are spending hours of their day getting to know you and connecting with you. They are wondering about you when you haven't visited the salon in a while. They should be going above and beyond to provide a space where you feel comfortable and judgement free. Don't forget they are usually your therapists too!

Only you can be the judge if you feel that art is worth gratuity. Either way you decide I agree.

I hope this provided some clarity into the topic of "Should I be tipping my beauty professional."

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