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The Secret To Lived In HairStyles

You might be wondering, What is a lived in hairstyle? Simply put a lived in hairstyle is one that takes very little effort and maintenance. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Living in Florida the humidity is crazy! I honestly feel in an environment like ours it is best to let your hair do what it wants and not fight it so much. I mean at the end of the day our styles don't hold well anyway so why not let it go.

It sounds very simple but for some of my guests it is actually very difficult because it goes against what they have done their entire lives. Just like anything else, your hair reacts differently based on the claimant so it would make sense that if you move to Florida from a place with no humidity it will be an adjustment.

Also I want to point out that the West Coast of Florida is a very casual vibe. That makes it a perfect place to embrace a lived in style.

Now that I have rambled enough lets get to the reason we are all here.

1. Using the right products.

It does not matter what type of hair you have you are going to need the right product. It is most helpful to consult with a stylist and ask them what type of product would be best for your hair knowing that you will be leaving it to dry naturally most of the time. Lived in styles NEED product or else it will look frizzy.

2. Styling the hair

Styling the hair is the easy part. Wash your hair as usual then towel dry. Apply a generous amount of what ever product your stylist recommended. Then let it air dry. After it is dry you may want to add another product for any additional smoothing or holding it in place.

3. Embrace the imperfection

This part could be the most difficult for you depending on how comfortable you are with having a lived in style.

4. The Proper Haircut

A haircut makes a huge difference in the way your hair is styled. If you want a lived in style this usually means lots of movement, layers, and texture in the hair. A precision or blunt haircut will not give you a lived in look in most cases. Razor cutting is my go to for lived in looks. Also with the right haircut your hair will fall into place without much effort at all.

As a society we are usually wanting something we don't have or trying to "correct" things about ourselves that we don't like. As a beauty professional I see and hear this every day.

"My curls are pretty like other peoples" "My grey isn't nice like other grey hair I've seen" "My hair is too straight and flat".

What if instead of comparing our features to other peoples features we embrace what we have. Lived in styles provide you freedom. Freedom from worrying about if there are any hairs out of place, more free time in the morning because you are spending less time on your hair, a sense of freedom to completely embrace the hair you are blessed with, and embracing your natural beauty.

If you have ever considered a lived in hairstyle I encourage you to try it. Give yourself the permission to live natural and embrace your natural beauty.

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