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How to have the best skin for 2020

I get this question ALL THE TIME! "How do you keep your skin so nice?"

I know this isn't hair related but seriously, every one asks so why not answer right!

My skin has always been pretty good as far as not many breakouts. As I age I have become more aware of how I take care of my skin and what tools I use on it.

First things first. My rules to taking care of my skin.

1. Never go to bed without washing your face! A Mary Kay consultant told me once that each night you do not wash your face your skin ages 3 year. I never did the research on this to find out if it is true but I am not taking any chances! Every since that day I am super religious about washing my face every single night even when I don't FEEL like it!

2. Always use moisturizer! In my every day routine I use a Moisturizer, Anti wrinkle cream, and eye cream every single night. If you are just cleaning your face and leaving it to dry you are drying out your skin and potentially causing more damage than good.

Now Lets Talk About Tools

My favorite products are Image Skin Care! I currently use the Vitamin C line but depending on where you are in your journey of life you may need something more hydrating or age correcting or something less moisturizing like their Organic line.

To clean my face I use a Soniclear. This is similar to the Clarisonic however the brushes on the Soniclear are antimicrobial and do not hold makeup like the Clarisonic does. I am obsessed with mine and even got my husband his own for Christmas!

Another tool I have been using is a Wrinkle Eraser from Michael Todd Beauty. This is the same company I bought my Soniclear from. This tool is used on your dry face after you apply your Moisturizers, eye creams, etc. This pushes the product into the skin using vibration and heat. I have only been using this a month so I can't say how much of a difference it has made yet.

I don't have wrinkles really so this is more a preventative maintenance for me.

Another tool I am loving is the Rose Quarters Facial Roller. It is basically a rolling pin for your face and it feels so relaxing! You can find these every where right now. They are very popular at this time. I bought mine at Marshals.

The last tool I want to mention is a Silk pillow case. My husband got me one for Christmas. They say it helps with preventing Wrinkles and the condition of your hair. I don't know that I really notice a difference but I do like it.

This is literally my skin care routine. My biggest tip is to WASH YOUR FACE EVERY NIGHT!

A few things that will progress any skin aging is alcohol, smoking, and sun exposure.

I hope you found this helpful and you now you can preserve your youth!

If you have any questions about the products I use and where to find them just leave me a comment and I can link it for you.

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