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How to Choose A New Style Or Color For Yourself

You're checking out your schedule for the week and realize you have a hair appointment coming this week. You immediately think of this style or color that you found on Pinterest or a picture you took in the grocery store of that woman standing in front of you in the check out line. Every time you see this style you fall in love with it all over again.

You decide I really want this style but by the time you make it to your appointment you decide you're not ready to make the change. Or you are uncertain if the color or style will even look good on your face shape and skin tone.

As a stylist this is where my skill comes to play.

I ask you a list of different questions to determine what our coarse of action will be.

I may ask

"How often do you wear your hair up?"

"Have you ever had hair this short before?"

"Have you ever had this color before?"

"What do you like about this color or style?"

"How do you style your hair?"

"How often do you wash your hair?"

"Do you like low maintenance or do you not mind visiting the salon every 4 weeks?"

As I ask these question I am analyzing your facial features, skin tone, and eye color.

When it comes to choosing a color that will compliment your features this is what I look for.

1. Skin tone. This may sound odd but I once read that if you have blue veins you look best in cool colors such as Ashy Blondes, Violet toned Blondes or Reds, or Greens. If you have green veins you will look best warm colors such as Orange toned Reds, Golden Blondes, or Redish Browns. If you have Blue Green veins you will look great in both. I have found this to be true and this is the method I use when choosing colors.

2. Eye Color. Similar to skin tones most light color eyes are in combination with light skin tones and blue veins. Most Darker eyes are in combination with warmer skin tones and green veins.

The most important thing I consider when choosing a style or color is Lifestyle.

Will this color or style require more maintenance than you want. For example "I want to be Platinum Ashy Silver tone blonde, but I only want to visit the salon every 4 Months".

This would be impossible to maintain only visiting every 4 months. There are options such as Balayage and highlighting vs coloring your entire head blonde how ever to keep the Ashy Silver toned blonde you will need to visit the salon every 4 weeks minimum for toners as well as using Violet shampoo and conditioner at home in between visits.

Another example: "I love my hair being short but I only want to visit the salon ever 2 months".

When hair is short it requires cutting more often to maintain the style and cut that you love. If you only want to visit ever 2 months maybe a short style is not best for you.

I know this is a lot of things to think about when you are considering a new style or color but this is my job as a stylist to help you decide 4 things.

1. Will it look good on your skin tone and facial shape?

2. Will it fit your life style?

3. Will it be possible for you to recreate?

4. Is there a similar color or style that would be better ?

So bring your picture and show me what you love and we can consult and come up with a plan for your new style or color.

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