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6 Things You Want To Know About Hair Extensions

You may know that I have recently began offering hair extensions. If you did know that, welcome to the club. Since I have started offering extensions I often receive a lot of questions about the hair, how they are installed, how you take care of them, and what the maintenance is on them.

Today I want to share some of those answers with you!

1. Is it human hair?

Hair extensions come in a wide array of different types of hair. The best quality hair is 100% Human hair. That being said there is hair that is blended with things such as animal hair, synthetic fibers, and cotton strings just to name a few. The Extensions we provide are 100% human hair. This is why we recommend you leave the hair purchasing to the stylist.

2. Where does the hair come from?

Hair can be sourced from many different countries. But China is the most popular. It is very important to know where the extensions come from because in some cases hair is taken from young girls and women with out their permission and without compensation. The company I order from currently provides a serial number with all hair. This number will tell you where the hair is from, who it was cut off of, and who the person was that cut it.

3. Can you wash the hair?

Absolutely! Just like natural hair you can wash it, dry it, style it with heat, etc. The method of washing is a little different than your natural hair.

4. How do you take care of it?

Because the hair is obviously not connected to a blood supply/ nutrition source you do have to take extra good care of it if you want it to last a while. A few things are don't wash it every day, apply oil to the ends daily, don't use too much heat on them, brush them multiple times a day to ensure they don't get tangled, and braid them at night to prevent tension on your natural hair.

5. How do they attach to the hair?

This question is a little difficult to answer with out a visual but basically you take a small amount of your natural hair and place it in a bead that is clamped closed. You form an entire row of bead and then sew the extensions to the hair that is in the bead. If you want to see visuals of this just head over to my instagram.

6. How long do they stay in?

They stay in until they are removed but they should be moved back up to the scalp every 4-8 weeks to maintain the integrity of your natural hair.

There really is a lot to know about extensions. It is so important that as a stylist I educate them on how to take care of them at home, how much money they will be investing, and how to make them last longer.

If you have considered hair extensions in the past or present I encourage you to make sure what ever stylist you contact explains the maintenance and process very thoroughly before you decide.

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