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5 Things You Need To Incorporate In Your 2021 Hair Routine!

It's a brand new year and there is never a better time to change things up than the begin of a year. I love starting things fresh and incorporating things in to my routine this time of year. I love getting rid of the old and trying new. New anything really. Food, skin products, hair products, different styles of clothing, among other things.

I know I can't be the only one that likes to do this! And that is why I want to share a few things you should definitely add to your hair routine in 2021.

1. Washing your hair less!

Yup that's right. Washing your hair less often should be at the top of your priority list. This one is mainly for those of you that wash your hair daily. This can be super drying to the hair and causes your scalp to over produce oil. I know this can be a difficult cycle to get out of but I promise once you do you will be thankful! Thankful you don't have to wash and style your hair daily any more.

2. Deep Conditioning Treatments!

This is some thing that is often skipped and I admit I am guilty of this as well. Deep conditioning treatments make a huge difference in the prevention of Frizz, damage, and dryness. These can be done at the salon during your visit or at home every couple of weeks.

3. Viviscal!

I have talked about this before in another blog post. If you are struggling with hair thinning you need to add this to your routine pronto! If you don't believe me click here to check out the post that explains why you need it!

4. Heat Protection!

If you are styling your hair with out some kind of heat protecting product stop what you are doing and go get some right now! This is an absolute must for someone that is styling regularly. I bet you didn't know that the melting point of hair is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Most irons and blow driers are higher than that now days.

5. Satin Pillow Case

This will protect your hair from frizz and damage when you are sleeping. Especially if you have curly hair. I have one of these that I love and honestly they are super easy to find now. I saw a bunch of them at Marshalls through the holiday season.

If you add these to your routine you are sure to have the best hair all year round!

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