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5 Must Have Gift Ideas For The Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time of year! If you are anything like me you enjoy putting a lot of effort and thought into the gifts you get for each special person. I have to say one of my favorite parts of gift giving is the actual collecting of ideas for gifts.

I always start in October observing what my gift recipients say they are needing, things they like, places that would like to go, items they would love to have, and any little hint or clue of what would be a great gift for them.

And by the time December arrive I am done collecting ideas and then I finish shopping in no time! This year I want to share a few of my favorite go to gifts for the Holidays.

  1. Gift sets- Honestly who doesn't love a good gift set? My favorite place to find gift sets is at Big Lots and Walmart. The have all different kinds of sets from bath and relaxation to food and beverage sets. Great for almost any one.

  2. Practical gifts- Think of something they would use daily. For my girls I love to give things like wet brushes, hair ties and scrunchies, hot tools (curling irons, blow driers, flat irons, etc.), and hair products. This year I have pocket sized and keychain wet brushes that are the perfect Stocking Stuffers!

  3. Candles and notebooks- I find some of the cutest candles and notebooks at Marshalls, Homegoods, and Books A Million. These are a great idea for that person that loves to organize and make lists.

  4. Something Cozy- Confession! I have a blanket obsession. I may have mentioned this before but at my house you will find at least 4 blankets on each couch at any given time. I know it doesn't get super cold in Florida but Christmas time is a perfect time to receive a blanket or fuzzy slippers.

  5. Coffee- This is a perfect gift for the men in your family. I'm not talking about your basic daily coffee. I'm talking about a special coffee that you only receive as a gift not something you buy on the regular. If you haven't been to the Punta Gorda Coffee and Tea Shop in Down Town Punta Gorda you should check it out. They have the perfect gift coffee.

Of coarse Christmas is NOT all about the giving and receiving of gifts. It is about spending time with your family even if that means just spending quality with your spouse. It is about Celebrating your religious views whether that means going to church or not celebrating Christmas at all.

I like to use this time as a reflection of what my year looked like and what I would like to do going forward.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your Holidays how ever you choose to spend them!

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