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3 Different Hair Types and How To Manage Them

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

You may not know that there are really only three different types of hair. I have come to realize a large number of people just assume their hair type is the only hair type. Today I want to break it down for you and hopefully help you understand how to better manage your hair type by knowing what type you have.

1. Fine Hair. This hair is very thin in texture. If you compared a strand of Fine hair to a strand of Coarse hair you would see the diameter is much smaller. Fine hair is easier to tangle and get knotted. Fine hair is common in children usually until the ages of 5-7.

A few ways to manage fine hair is to make sure that you are not using products that are too heavy. Most people with fine hair also find that their hair gets oily very quickly. The best shampoo for fine hair is Volumizing or Daily. If you use anything "Moisturizing" or "Deep Conditioning" it may cause it to be heavy and oily. For Styling products you may need a Volumizing Mouse but not the heavy kind that comes out like whipped cream and a light texture spray or hair spray.

Adding layers can also lighten the hair and give more volume. I have met many people that don't want layers in their fine hair because "it looks choppy". I promise if the hair cut is done right you will have better results. I personally love to texturize the hair to give it volume. It removes some of the weight with out it being thinner.

2. Medium Hair. This hair is what you would consider "perfect hair". With medium hair the possibilities are usually endless. You can style is any way you would like and it will probably hold a curl very well.

For medium hair you can use just about any products. However for best results I would recommend a Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I would stay away from anything too moisturizing unless you have damaged hair. For styling products I would stay away from anything too oily or thick.

3. Coarse Hair. This type of hair can be difficult to deal with. It is very thick in diameter and tends to not absorb products well. Coarse hair is usually a little resistant to color as well. A lot of grey hair will become coarse over time.

To manage this type of hair it is best to use Moisturizing or a little bit heavier shampoo and conditioner. Coarse hair tends to be extra dry so the more moisturizing the better. For styling products you can use anything. Nothing will be too heavy for this type of hair. The best products would be oil and smoothing type cream and deep conditioning often will be beneficial.

When it comes to haircuts it is very easy for this hair to look choppy or not blended when done correctly. It is important to let your stylist know when you have certain areas of the hair that do not behave like the rest. For coarse hair thinning is a great option for you. This will remove some of the hair allowing you to have less weight on the hair and have a lighter haircut and less hair to wash and put back in your pony tail.

Leave a comment and let me know if this was helpful for you and if you are better prepared to shop for products for you correct hair type.

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