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The Secret To Platinum Blonde

They say "Blondes have more fun." But do they really?

If you see pictures of my work you know I am a fan of a bright blonde. But what you don't see is the behind the scenes. The maintenance, the cost, and the reality of that white blonde you are dying to have!

So today I want to share a few secrets about the blonde life style.


Let's talk about maintenance first. Depending on how much blonde you have you may have to visit the salon any where from 4-12 weeks to maintain the grow out. Again depending on the method of blonding, these appointments can take any where from 2-6 hrs! Yeah! that is the correct numbers.

We all know in Florida the sun makes our hair yellow, so if you want to keep that blonde looking white you can pretty much guarantee a trip to the salon ever 3-4 weeks for a toner. As well as invest in a purple shampoo. Keep in mind NOT all purple shampoos are create equal and some can cause damage to the hair! I recommend Loma Violet shampoo and conditioner.


In maintenance I touched briefly on the types of appointments it requires to maintain your blonde. An initial blonding session can cost 100-400$ depending on what your situation is and what needs to be done. And if you are starting with a dark color or previously colored hair then it can take more than one session to achieve platinum.

The toners in between can be 25-75$ depending on what is needed.

And You must use professional products! Over the counter products can damage the hair and cause yellowing to be worse.


Of coarse my job as a professional is to keep the hair in the best condition as possible. Here is a very brief chemistry lesson.

When going blonde all of pigment in the hair is broken up and some is removed. This means that the chemical is physically emptying the hair strand. Platinum blonde is the lightest the hair can be, making it almost translucent. The hair is super fragile at this stage and it is physically impossible to not have any damage when you are pushing the hair to its weakest capacity.

But like I said, as the professional you need to trust me when I say you can't go any lighter without damage.

To counteract this part of being platinum the at home maintenance is super important.

Professional only products!

Recommended Violet Shampoo and Conditioner only!

Minimal Heat and low heat!

Oil is your best friend.


Are you still dead set on that white blonde?

Platinum is pretty but as you can see it is a ton of maintenance!

Education is important and if you are considering going platinum at any point, make sure that your stylist completely explains the process and educates you on what is needed to maintain it!

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