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3 Tips to Prevent Humidity Ruining Your Style

Summer is sneaking up on us and if you live in Florida you understand just how the humidity affects your hair! This literally is the number one question I get from the guests that sit in my chair. "How do I keep my hair from getting frizzy because of the humidity?"

The answer is actually very simple. But I want to give you a few tips from a professional that can help you manage the humidity and keep your style lasting a bit longer.


This is the most important tip for combating Frizz. Keep in mind that not all products are created equally though. When searching for a product specifically for frizz this can be challenging. Combating frizz should start before the hair is even dried. My go to products for smooth styling are Loma Volumizing Foam, Loma Finishing Hair Spray, and Loma Nourishing Oil for extra support.

Apply the Volumizing Foam to the hair before drying it. This coats each hair strand and smoothes the hair as you dry and also gives the hair structure to hold the style you want.

Once your style is complete, spray the hair with finishing hair spray. This hair spray can be applied in layers for more hold so don't be afraid to use a good amount then brush it through.

Use a little Nourishing oil if you still need a little smoothing.

My go to products for curly hair are Loma Curvature Creme, Aluram Leave In Conditioner, and Loma Nourishing Oil.

Apply the Alarm Leave In Conditioner to the wet hair. Next apply Loma Curvature Creme to the wet hair. This leaves the hair feeling a little crunchy until you are done diffusing it. Once you are done drying break up the curls with your fingers and then use the Loma Nourishing Oil to smooth a little more. If you need a little extra support you can use the Loma Finishing Hair Spray.

You may be saying to yourself "I have tried all the products and nothing works". There is a good chance that you are using your product incorrectly or you have chosen the wrong products for your hair type.


It should be no surprise that styling the hair has a lot to do with frizz management. Did you know that Cool air is just as important as Hot air when it comes to preventing frizz. After you style the hair you should use cool air this smooths down the hair and closes the cuticle preventing moisture from getting in the hair. Similar to the concept of closing the pores on your skin using cold water.


One of the reasons your hair gets frizzy is because it lacks moisture. If the hair is feeling dry or damaged that is a good indication that you need some moisture added back into the hair.

I recommend an in salon conditioning Treatment as well as a take home treatment. This will restore some of the moisture and prevent your hair from soaking up the humidity in the air.

Let's be honest though. Living in Florida the humidity can be 85% some days. On those days I recommend throwing it in a pony tail, using some hair spray, and calling it a day! For short hair I find that head bands and clips are a great option.

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