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Thriving During Covid-19

Raise your hand if this has been a struggle.

You can't see it but my hand is raised high. I think it is fair to say we have all struggled from this pandemic in one way or another or we definitely know others that are struggling.

As tough as this has been for myself I have found a few ways to keep my mind busy and my attitude positive. And here's a secrete. They don't include watching tv.

1. Go outside!

Florida really is the perfect place to be right now. I mean you can go outside and enjoy fresh air with out being in direct contact with others. And they just re opened the beaches again so there really is no reason to stay cooped up inside all day.

2. Read a book!

I have been a reading maniac. Within my first week out of the salon I had already listened to two books on audio. Currently I am reading two books and I completed another audio book on Wednesday.

My books of choice are always in the business or personal improvement genre.

I can't get enough of the them!

In my opinion the more positive the better. But you chose what makes you feel better.

3. Limit Social Media and News Intake!

I have to be honest this one is difficult even for myself. I find myself wanting to be glued to social media for any new updates but in reality it doesn't make me feel better seeing what everyone is complaining about. Last weekend I went two days social media disconnected and it was a little challenging but at the end the weekend I felt so much better.

Negative news really does take a toll on your positive energy.

4. Be Grateful!

Every day I try to remind myself to be Thankful for this time I have been gifted with. Spending quality time with my dogs. Spending time working on projects I have been dying to get done. More time to enjoy my family!

These are the things that are important in my life and I have a little bit of time to enjoy them even more!

5. Finish your projects!

If you are anything like me and my husband you might have several projects going at one time.

With all this extra time you can get the yard projects done, the painting you have been meaning to do for a while now, fixing that cabinet that has been falling off the wall, or deep cleaning the house because heaven knows it needs it!

I spent a couple of days revamping the studio! I decided to paint and add a little brightness to the room. I am really excited about it if you couldn't tell.

There is no shortage of things that can be done at least in my world there isn't.

I hope this offers a glimmer of hope that you good things are to come. And just think how much better you will feel after returning to normal with all of the things you accomplished with your free time!

Negativity fixes nothing but positivity creates solutions and expands the mind to greater things.

Stay Safe! I can't wait to see your smiling face in the salon!


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