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How To Take Care Of Your Hair While You Are Sleeping

First of all, did you even know that your hair can be damaged at night from sleeping?

This thought never crossed my mind until recently. And then I began to think "Wow, even I am not doing some of these things with my hair". So today I want to share a few things that can help you prevent damage you may not even know you are causing!

How do we know if our hair is damaged and that something at night is causing it?

Most damage would be in the form of breakage. Usually around the hairline in front and also the back, but can also happen on the inner parts of the hair.

What causes breakage?

A few different things. Friction, Tangling, and Tension are most common.

Now that we know how this happens, "What can we do to prevent this?".

1. Don't go to bed with wet hair!

This shouldn't be a mystery to you. Stylist have been saying this for YEARS!

The reason is that when hair is wet it is in a more fragile state. The strand of hair itself is swollen and full of water allowing the hair to stretch more than it would dry. If it gets caught on something it can break more easily.

2. Use a satin or silk pillow case!

These pillow cases are all the rage right now. But here is the science behind them.

I think it is safe to same most people move around a lot while sleeping. If you have ever had a baby or maybe even seen a baby that has hair but may be missing hair on the back and sides of their hair. This is because they are laying the majority of the time and rubbing their head back and forth creating friction that is breaking the hair. The same applies to us at night.

A satin or silk pillow case allows your hair to glide over the pillow reducing friction.

Bonus: these pillow cases are better for your skin also.

3. Put your hair up!

Before you just go putting your hair up let me explain how you should be putting it up.

Braids are your best friend! If your hair is long enough braid it back in one braid or two if easier. This keeps all of your hair together and protected.

I do not recommend putting it in a high pony tail or messy bun. This exposes all of the already soft baby hairs near the neckline and they get broken from friction and possibly the pony tail holder. This can also put tension on the front baby hairs causing breakage from pulling.

Braiding your hair also prevents tangles and matting that can lead to breakage.

4. Wear a Satin or Silk bonnet!

If you are thinking "Wont that be hot?". The answer is yes, it might be hot. If you get really warm at night then you might want to try a bonnet that is more breathable or just skip this all together.

Over the years guests have asked me "I wear a sleep apnea mask and get breakage in my hair around the front. How can I prevent that?". I don't have any concrete solutions for this however the bonnet will definitely help. If you get too warm with a bonnet my recommendation would be to look into something that you can put around the straps of the mask to prevent your hair from getting stuck in them. Maybe a small piece of satin type fabric that tucks between the hair and the strap.

There you have it!

Which of these tips are you going to try?

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