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How To Take Care Of Your Hair Color After Leaving The Salon!

Wow! Raise your hand if you have never been told how to take care of your hair color after leaving the salon. My hand is raised too!

I totally have to admit that I am guilting of not educating my guests on this exact topic.

As a hair stylist I just assume every one knows what to do but that is far from the truth.

So today I want to give you a few tricks to keeping your color nice in between visits.

1. Wait 24hrs Minimum to wash your hair after having it colored.

This is a step that almost every one forgets or was never told. The hair needs at least 24hrs to rest after the chemical change in the hair. Shampooing the hair or going in the pool can cause the color to leak out or to absorb other chemicals like chlorine from the pool.

2. Heat Protecting Products Are A Must.

Excessive heat can cause hair color to be stripped from the hair almost instantly. If you are using heat daily this can also cause damage that interferes with the hairs ability to hold color.

3. Sun Protection is Priority.

This is tough one if you live in Florida like I do. It is nearly impossible to escape the sun here. A trick I use to protect hair from the sun is, use a hat when possible. If you are in the pool, on the boat, playing tennis, on the golf coarse, or at the pickle ball court don't forget a hat that covers your hair, not just your face.

4. Leave in Conditioner Should be Your Favorite Product.

Being in the pool or in the salt water can cause your color to fade fast! Spray leave in conditioner in your hair before even touching the water to help preserve your color.

Extra tip: Loma leave in conditioner can be used on your skin to stay hydrated while you are in the sun.

5. Be Super Mindful of What Products You Are Using On Your Hair.

Other than the sun this is probably one of the most important steps to be aware of.

Using drug store shampoos and conditioners can cause a number of problems. From mineral build ups to chemically stripping agents these products wreak havoc on the hair!

Things to avoid when choosing products are Sulfates, Parabens, and Alcohols.

Also be cautious not to use Clarifying shampoos too often. These can come in the form of Charcoal Detoxifying products and Coconut oil also has an absorbing property which can strip any toners or non permanent colors from the hair.

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