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How To Spice Up Your Hair Color With Out More Maintenance

Change is definitely in the air if you are reading this in real time. While I am writing this it is Spring time.

My guest have been coming to me with a ton of different ideas of colors and hairstyles that they would like to try. I think it is a personality trait to be looking for change often. But whether you look for change regularly or every now and then I have a few ideas when it comes to spicing up your hair color.

Now when I mention changing your color you might think to yourself "but I really like my color" , "it's going to cost more to maintain", "it will involve more maintenance", or my personal favorite "what if I hate it?".

These are all valid concerns and I want to address them.

I know you really like your current hair color and I do too! But what if you liked something a little different even MORE!

All of the things I will mention will be so low maintenance you won't need to do it for several months and it will still look amazing!

And lastly if you hate it we can just go back to what you had. But I guarantee you will love these ideas.

Face framing highlights for my darker haired women.

These are highlights that go just on the hairline around your face to brighten your face a little. highlights don't have to be blonde. Even just a few shades lighter than your current color can make a big difference.

Tonal changes to mid and ends of your hair.

Almost every person in Florida has coloring fading from the sun. This is a perfect opportunity to try something a little different. For example, if your brunette hair fades a little you could try adding a little red to ends changing the tone of your hair overall. Here is another example, your hair color is natural but you feel it is a bit dull or blah. A simple glaze the same color as your natural hair will give it a little bit of depth and shine and you will be OBSESSED with it!

Adding Lowlights to your super blonde hair.

Don't let the word lowlights freak you out! A lowlight is considered any color that is darker than your current hair. This means it could be just one to two shades darker not dark brown or even light brown. This can really make a huge difference in the appearance of your blonde. It will actually make your blonde appear even blonder.

Very Thin Highlights added to any color.

Thin highlights added to any color can give you a great pop of brightness without over powering your current color. The reflection of color will make your hair appear shiny and super healthy. And the best part is it won't have to be done very often.

I know you are dying to try at least one of these options. If you love the sound of these but don't know which one would be best for you ask me at your next appointment. We can discuss your options and which one will be the best for you and your lifestyle.

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