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How Chlorine Effects Your Hair!

It is almost summer time and we all know we spend more time in the pool around this time of year. Have you ever wondered why your hair fades or gets dry and brittle when you have been in the pool more often? In most cases you can develop a Chlorine build up on the hair!

You can tell you have a chlorine build up on the hair when it feels slimy as soon as you wet it. When you wet it to shampoo it you may feel like it never rinses completely. That is chlorine build up.

Here are 3 ways to prevent and repair the hair from chlorine build up.

1. Spraying the hair with a leave in conditioner prior to swimming can prevent the hair from absorbing more Chlorine in the pool

2. A leave in conditioning spray that is formulated to neutralize the Chlorine in your hair. This can be used prior to swimming and after swimming.

3. Chlorine removal treatments. This is a powder that is applied to your hair with a shampoo and then sat under heat for 10- 15min to remove the Chlorine from your hair.

As we come in to summer you may want to think about adding a few of these to your hair routine to keep your hair nice a healthy threw the next few months.

My favorite Leave in conditioner is Loma. It is formulated with aloe and is also great for your skin. You can use this a hydrating mist while you are in the pool or at the beach.

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