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4 Reasons To Try Organic Styling Products

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

If you have been to my studio you know that I carry Organic Styling products. All over the country and even the world we are seeing a movement with organic products. It is becoming trendy to chose more natural things to ingest and use on your body. I have always been a fan of organic products and that is why I have chosen to use these in salon as well.

Here are my top 4 reasons to try organic styling products

1. The most obvious reason is they are better for your skin and hair. Organic products are not filled with chemically derived ingredients. They are sulfate free, gluten free, soy free, and Aloe based.

2. They do not create a build up on the hair. Did you know that many different hair products have silicone and plastics in them, Including Shampoos! When a product has silicone and plastics in it it does not wash out of the hair and this creates a build up of silicone and plastic each time your shampoo your hair. This can lead to a greasy feeling on the hair, as well as loss of volume and this can also effect your color processing!

3. The products I use are plant based. This means they are water soluble and do not leave a build up but they are also good for the scalp. Many shampoos and conditioners are not meant to be used on the scalp because they can cause dryness leaving your scalp itchy and flakey. These conditioners can actually be used as lotion as well.

4. They leave your hair feeling amazing. Would you agree that your body does not feel good after ingesting chemicals? Plant based products nourish your hair with ingredients that penetrate the hair deeper in the hair cuticle than regular chemicals do. This leaves your hair super shiny and moisturized.

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